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Thank you for visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page!  Kindly take a few moments to read over these popular questions and our answers. You'll probably find many of your own queries addressed here. We will do our best to keep you up-to-date with current policies. We also encourage you to visit the comprehensive site of Carnival Cruise Line where many other questions are addressed:     www.carnival.com    You will see that we refer to the Carnival site frequently…..they have a very informative site with lots of helpful information, pre cruise preparation, life onboard, pictures, videos, etc.   There’s so much available information that we couldn't possibly list it all.  So please become familiar with the site, sign up to be a registered user and begin getting ready for your experience on CARNIVAL BREEZE and the 2020 Super Cruise!  

What does my Super Cruise Fare Include?

Your cruise fare includes shipboard accommodations, ocean transportation, meals*, non-alcoholic beverages*, onboard entertainment and associated fees applicable at the time of booking.  Not included are items that are of personal nature including but not limited to:  gratuities, shore excursions, airfare, optional transfers, telephone calls WiFi service, spa treatments, salon services, photographs, laundry services.    *There is a surcharge for meals at the reservations-only specialty restaurant; gourmet coffee drinks at the ship's specialty coffee bar. Soda pop is not included complimentary - a Soft Drink-Beverage Card (Bottomless Bubbles) is available for purchase directly onboard which provides unlimited fountain dispensed soft drinks. An inclusive Beverage program for Alcoholic Beverages is also available. (scroll down for more details on both of these packages)

Self-service beverage stations are available for complimentary coffee, tea, lemonade, iced tea, non-carbonated beverages, etc. (On Lido Deck buffet)  Self service ice cream stations also available complimentary.

Your Super Cruise Fare also includes your participation in all Super Cruise group related activities, private parties, squares on the Big Grid, etc. Our group activities, amenities and events are exclusive to our group members.   Guests who book independent of Cruises Etc will not be included in these group exclusives.   Super Cruisers sometimes have friends who choose not to book with us.  Please note that these friends cannot be permitted to attend group functions nor may they participate in group events such as sideboard sales, daily ding dong, LCR, cocktail parties, etc.   They also will not be cross-referenced to dine with our group.

When should I book my reservation?

We are actively accepting reservations now!  As long as we have cabins available, we will continue to sell them.  Past Super Cruises have sold out as early as summertime.  We encourage you to book as soon as you know that you plan to sail with us.  Certain cabin categories (suites and balconies especially) tend to sell out quickly.  As we assign cabin numbers in the order in which you book, preferred locations are assigned to those who book early. Waiting until the last minute is not a good idea; rates are rarely lower in the last couple of weeks before sailing date.

What forms of payment are accepted for my cruise?

Cruises Etc will process your credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express)  We also accept Cash, Checks & Money Orders AND Carnival Gift Cards.  On the cruise ship, Carnival accepts the credit cards listed here.  You may also establish your onboard account by making a cash or gift card deposit to Carnival upon embarkation. 

Debit cards used for payment to Cruises Etc for your cruise will be processed upon receipt.  When there is a delay in processing Debit cards, we sometimes find that there are no longer enough funds in the account to cover the transaction.  To avoid this, we will process these cards at the time you provide them to us.   Using Debit cards on the ship:    please verify with your bank what your transaction limit is per day.  Some banks have a "security" setting on your account where you may not exceed a particular dollar amount per day.   You may not even be aware that these security settings are in place.  Contact your bank to make sure that your account does not have restrictions on it or you may run into difficulty onboard the ship.

What identification do I need for travel?

It is recommended that U.S. citizens carry a valid Passport for sea travel. Currently, you may also travel with an original State-Issued Birth Certificate (no photo copies!)  plus Driver's License (or other state/government issued photo I.D.)  In cases of married ladies whose names have changed:  you should have a Passport in your married name OR carry a copy of your marriage license or other documents showing your change of name.  If in doubt, it's best to have a Passport.   Non U.S. Citizens must carry a passport from their country of citizenship plus any necessary visas.   The U.S. State Department website has the most up to date information; please refer to  www.travel.state.gov    It is the passenger’s responsibility to have correct documentation. If you are denied boarding the ship for reasons of 'lack of correct identification' you will be denied boarding with NO REFUND! Cruises Etc cannot override this mandate.

This is the exact wording from the State Dept website concerning traveling without a Passport via cruise ship:

"Closed-Loop" Cruises: If you are a U.S. citizen, and you board a cruise ship at a U.S. port, travel only within the Western Hemisphere, and return to the same U.S. port on the same ship, you may present government-issued photo identification, along with proof of citizenship (an original or certified copy of your birth certificate, a Consular report of Birth Abroad, or a Certificate of Naturalization). Please be aware that you may still be required to present a passport to enter the foreign countries your cruise ship is visiting. Check with your cruise line to ensure you have the appropriate documents.

Will Cruises Etc book my airline flights?

IF Carnival offers flight options, Air can be requested from Carnival for those interested. Often, the rates are not better than what travelers may obtain by booking independently.  If the cruise line can offer a better airfare, we will advise you of that; air requests need to be called or emailed into Cruises Etc.  Also, Please see “GETTING TO PORT CANAVERAL (Orlando)”  for flight options.


When will I receive my cabin number and booking number?

Cruises Etc recommends that you take advantage of booking early and securing your preferred cabin locations.  We are capable of confirming your cabin number shortly after you make your initial reservations.  This will help ensure that your preferred location is available. This is particularly important for those with special location requests – if you consider these areas as premium, than many others will too.  In some cases, we may have to book a "TBA" cabin which means your cabin number will be assigned at a later date.  But don't worry!  You will have a booking number and cabin number before you sail!  Bear in mind that friends booking later than when you make your booking may not be in the same location.


When will I receive my tickets and travel information?

Cruises Etc hosts a "Bon Voyage"  party approximately 3 weeks before sailing. This is held locally in the Cleveland area.  Passengers who live out of state will have their travel information packet mailed to them.  Local cruisers unable to attend our party may arrange for pick up at our office.  Included in your travel document packet is all necessary information pertinent to the cruise as well as all Super Cruise program events.  Now that cruise tickets are all "E-tickets"  you will not receive actual cruise tickets from Carnival; you will be provided with instructions for completing on-line registration and printing your  "e docs" cruise tickets and luggage tags.


What if I have to Cancel my Cruise Vacation?

Cancellations Charges are based on the date of Cancellation and are as follows.  Please note that terms & conditions, including cancellation & change fees,  for Large Groups DIFFER than those for individual reservations!  

After deposit -  June 1, 2019 =  $25 per person Administrative Fee

Between  June 2 and  Aug 1, 2019 =  $100 per person

Between Aug 2  and  Sept 30, 2019 =  $250 per person

Between Oct 1 and Nov 8, 2019 = 50% of cabin total

Between Nov 9 and Dec 31, 2019 = 75% of cabin total

January 1, 2019 and beyond   NO REFUND**

***** CHANGE FEES:  $15 fee for first change to booking;   $25 per change for all changes thereafter   (Changes consist of but are not limited to:   roommate change; cabin/category change)  

*****LATE PAYMENTS: Due to the size of our group, collecting payments is a huge undertaking. Late payments present a problem for us as an agency. The final payment date is FIRM.  Extensions to this date cannot be approved.

** If you are able to provide a replacement for your cabin, it is at the discretion of the cruise line to waive or uphold cancellation and/or name change fees.  Cruises Etc will try to re-sell your cabin but there is no guarantee that we will be able to provide a replacement for you.   If you used a credit card for payment AND we are successful in re-selling your cabin and a cruise line refund is due; you will receive a refund credit to that card account.  Any and all cancellation/refund requests are subject to approval by Carnival Cruise Line.  If changes are permitted and Cruises Etc has to collect the "name change" fee, a separate charge will be made against your credit card to cover this fee.  Additionally, any Administrative Fees assessed by Cruises Etc  for cancellations will be billed to your credit card account or, deducted from a check refund as applicable (for those who made their deposits by cash/check/money order).  

****Your booking a reservation implies your consent to the terms and conditions outlined here (and will be printed on the confirmation invoice that you receive after making your reservation)  If you disagree with any of the written terms and conditions, you have a 14 day period to cancel your reservation with a full refund.  You must notify Cruises Etc if you wish to rescind your reservation.  Clients who book their reservations within 90 days of our sailing date or who book a promotional fare with restrictive fare rules are ineligible for the 14 day withdrawal period.  Reservations made within 90 days are subject to all terms and conditions, including cancellation policies.

What if I find a lower fare for this cruise?

Sometimes there are promotional fares available for our exact ship and sailing date. Bear this in mind:  our “Super Cruise Group Rates”  include all taxes, port charges & fees as well as a “program fee” that supports our prize distribution.  Most promotional fares, when advertised, fail to include all the appropriate taxes.  We’ll be happy to compare fares to ensure that you are obtaining the best rates. Majority of promotional rates are combinable with group bookings so we can easily include a promotional fare with our group (and add the necessary program fee)  Some fares have restrictive and/or non-refundable rules which enables the cruise line to offer “sale fares” from time to time. Most promotional fares are not retroactive to bookings already made and are designed for new bookings only. Any promotional fare that we are able to secure for you will be governed by the accompanying fare rules.  Also, most promotional fares are limited in availability; may require changing cabin numbers when re booking for a lower fare, and may not be available in large enough numbers to successfully re book our group passengers.  Requests to obtain lower prices, should they be available, will be handled on a case by case basis.  Ultimately, our goal is to secure the best values for our group members.

Do you offer Travel Insurance?

Cruises Etc highly recommends the purchase of travel insurance. We have a GROUP POLICY available at special group pricing.   PLEASE SEE THE LINK ON OUR HOMEPAGE or inquire with us directly. If you have special considerations that exclude you from the group policy, we will offer you alternative insurance coverage (i.e.  reasons may be: cancel for work related reasons, cancel for any reason (not medical), policies with higher medical benefit levels, etc)  It is ALWAYS a good idea to have travel insurance.


Do you offer a Pre-Cruise Hotel option?

We will offer a Pre Cruise options for one or two night hotel stays, starting January 30, 2020 Please see  "PRE CRUISE HOTEL"  for information on reserving a pre-cruise hotel stay.     Because of the size of our group, we need to work with hotels that have the ability to take a large number of bookings for our guests.  This means that the hotel(s) we end up working with are generally of a 3-4 star rating.  These types of hotels tend to have higher rates than the more budget-friendly smaller inns and motels. On the other hand, some people prefer a more luxurious accommodation and are happy to reserve deluxe hotels.  Luxury and deluxe hotels are generally above and beyond what the average Super Cruiser wishes to spend on a hotel room for a brief stay; which is why we do not set up this option.   You are encouraged to either book your hotel package thru Cruises Etc's group arrangements or to seek out lower or higher cost hotels in the Pal (Orlando) area.    Either way, it has become the recommended thing to do.  Arriving a day or two early accomplishes two things:  your vacation starts sooner and you avoid potential flight delays!  Please see our "Pre Cruise Hotel Options"   section on www.supercruise.net   for Pre Cruise Hotel and Transportation options.


How much luggage may I bring?

Although cruise lines have a generous allowance for luggage, most airlines now charge you for your checked baggage and limit carry-on bags to 1-2 small pieces per person.  We suggest that you verify baggage information directly with your chosen airline for this and all other airline/airport policies, procedures and restrictions.  Most major airlines have websites with all these details posted.


What features will my cabin have?  Do I need to bring things like a hair dryer or iron?

Your cabin has most of the comforts of home!  Balcony Cabins, Oceanview and Interior staterooms have two twin beds that make up into a king bed.  Mini-bars (refrigerator), color television, safes and telephones are also in each cabin. The cabins have ample closet and drawer space for your belongings.  Bathrooms have showers, toilet, and sink.  Suite bathrooms also have tubs.  All cabins have hair dryers .  Electric current is 110 and can accommodate small appliances (curling iron/flat iron/rollers/etc)  but please note:  if you bring a travel iron and leave it in plain view, your room steward will take it from you as irons in cabins are not allowed.  Some travelers like to bring portable steamers to freshen up travel-wrinkled garments.  Since these are generally plastic and do not generate much heat, this is an item you may consider.  See Laundry note in our next point.


Can I do Laundry onboard?    

Carnival has self-service coin operated laundry rooms on several passenger decks.  These are coin operated washers & dryers.  Dispensers for soap & other laundry supplies are in each launderette; available for purchase or you can bring a supply of travel sized soaps & dryer sheets from home.  (you'd be surprised how many folks do laundry while on vacation!!)    A stationary iron & ironing board are available for complimentary usage. (for use in laundry facility only --- iron may not be brought to your cabin)  Some dry cleaning and pressing services are available; inquire with your cabin steward.


What kind of clothes should I pack and what exactly does "formal"  mean ?

Daytime dress on a cruise ship is casual, such as resort wear, shorts, comfortable shoes, etc.   For the pool decks: swimwear plus cover-ups are fine.   Tennis shoes, sandals, flip flops or low heeled walking shoes are recommended for exploring ports of call.    If you plan specific activities onboard or ashore that require special wardrobe items, please pack accordingly (i.e. workout gear, golf attire, long pants for horseback riding, etc.)    There are generally two formal evenings on board.  Ladies may want to wear long gowns or dresses, cocktail dresses, pants suits, etc.  Gentlemen may choose to wear tuxedos or dark suits or sports coat/pants combo.  On other evenings, resort wear is the norm.  Shorts are generally not permitted in the main dining rooms for the dinner meal but are fine in the casual dining areas. (Carnival uses the term “elegant” evenings to ease the minds of folks who are nervous about the word “formal” )


What are the times for Dining?

There are two sittings for meals that are served in the ship's primary restaurants (Dining Rooms).  Main Dining is approximately 6:00 pm and Late Dining is approximately 8:15 pm.  Breakfast and Lunch times in these restaurants vary based on whether the ship is in port or at sea.    Carnival offers "Your Time Dining"  ---this dining is for those who want 'open sitting' - where they can go to the dining room between 5:30 pm & 9:30 pm.  Seating is based on availability and there may be a wait if you choose to go at a popular time.  YOUR TIME diners WILL NOT be seated within the Super Cruise Group as these tables are in another dining room designated for YOUR TIME diners (same menu offered on all dining times)  YOUR TIME is limited in capacity and should be requested as soon as you think you want this option. AS ALWAYS:  DINING IS ON A REQUEST BASIS.  The SHIP confirms dining.   The earlier you reserve your cruise booking, the better your chance is to have your preferred dining confirmed.    Friends who book later than you run the risk of not being able to have the same dining time confirmed.  Please understand that there are other guests on the ship who may have booked earlier than some of our Super Cruisers and their requests must also be taken into consideration.     Additionally, if you sign up for one dining time when you make your booking then try to amend it later, this may not be possible.  Therefore, please be certain as to your preferred dining time and inform us of this at the time you make your initial cruise reservation ! Cruises Etc will have a “dining seating request” form available later in the fall so that you can make your table requests – we begin working on dining in December.


Is Room Service included?

Complimentary Room Service is available for cabin delivery featuring a selection of sandwiches, salads, snacks, etc. Special menu items are available at an additional cost.  Your stateroom has a mini-bar with beverages and snacks which will be billed to your cabin account upon consumption.  (beverages in the mini-bar are not included in the inclusive beverage program; if you consume them, you’ll be charged accordingly) After hours Room Service carries a nominal surcharge.


Are there singles onboard?

Approximately 25% of the Super Cruise group will consist of single guys and gals of varying ages.  The balance of cruise passengers (outside of our group) will also have a percentage of single travelers. The ship may have some "singles" events so that unattached travelers can meet each other. Be sure to review the materials the ship delivers to your cabin as these events will be listed there.


How old do I have to be to sail on the Super Cruise and what is the drinking age?

Carnival Cruise Line policy is that passengers under age 21 must be accompanied by a companion or family member who is at least 25 years or older in the same stateroom.  Exceptions are:  married couples under age 25 and minors who are traveling with parents or guardians on the Super Cruise.    You must be 21 years to purchase alcohol.   Your cruise cards are coded with your birth dates; minors attempting to purchase bar beverages will be denied.


What beverages are included in my cruise fare and what about the Soda (pop) & Alcohol options?

As previously noted, non-alcoholic beverages are included:  coffee, tea, iced tea, lemonade, juices, are available at meals and at self-service beverage stations.  Soda/pop is not included complimentary but you may purchase a Soft Drink plan called Bottomless Bubbles for fountain beverages (soda).  Rate is approx $4.95 per person, per day for ages 17 and under and approx $7.50 per person per day for over age 17  (subject to change)   You may also buy a souvenir tumbler for your beverages which will be refilled as needed.


Carnival offers an Inclusive Bar Beverage package called “Cheers” that features:  all bar beverages with a menu price of $50 or below, (beer, wine, cocktails)  plus soda/soft drinks, bottled water, energy drinks, gourmet coffee & tea at specialty coffee shop, virgin cocktails. 25% Discounts offered on menu items over $50, bottles of wine or champagne.  This program costs $51.95 per person, per day + 18% gratuity if pre-purchased  (purchase option available when you complete your on-line Pre-Registration with Carnival)  This program (unless otherwise noted) is available for purchase on board the ship for the rate of $56.95 per person, per day + 18% gratuity. Presently, this program is limited to 15 alcoholic beverages per day with unlimited “soft drinks”  If one guest in the cabin is purchasing the package, all guests over age 21 in the same cabin must also purchase the package.  Any updates or changes to the program will be shared with you as we are made aware of them. Subject to change without notice.  For more details visit:   www.carnival.com  

May I bring my own liquor onboard?

Carnival's official policy is that guests may not bring their own liquor onboard. The exception to this is a bottle of wine or champagne per person that may be carried onboard.  You will find further details on the Carnival website.  Note:  we are asked the question every year concerning bringing your own beverages in your checked luggage. Efforts to bring liquor onboard are at your own risk.  We must advise you that, if any beverages are detected by the cruise line, they will most likely be confiscated and it is the cruise line’s discretion regarding return of said beverages. If this happens to you, there is nothing Cruises Etc can do on your behalf.  Having a large group does not permit us any waivers of cruise line policies; we cannot advise you on how to smuggle liquor on board. Your understanding is appreciated.


What if I need a wheelchair or have special needs?

Wheelchairs are available at the Port for assistance in boarding and disembarking the ship --- they belong to the Port and may not be borrowed for the duration of the cruise.  Likewise onboard the ship: The infirmary has a limited number of wheelchairs for emergency purposes.  IF you require a wheelchair, walker or any other mobility aid:  YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN  OR  ARRANGE FOR A RENTAL.  There are companies that provide motorized scooters, manual wheelchairs, walkers, portable oxygen, etc.  If you are unfamiliar with such companies, call us and we'll provide you with information and assistance.   Handicapped accessible cabins are limited - if you require one, please inquire early.  These cabins have wider doors to accommodate wheelchairs as well as modified bathrooms with no step (you can roll directly in as needed)  These modified cabins are for those with true mobility issues who rely on a wheelchair to get around.  All regular cabins have grab bars in the bathrooms and a stool can be requested to aid you should you need one in the shower. 


Guests with special dietary needs:  

We're pleased to report that Carnival can accommodate the following dietary needs with NO ADVANCE NOTICE REQUIRED:  Low fat, Low Sodium, Sugar Free & Vegetarian.  The following dietary requirements need a 45 DAY ADVANCE NOTICE:   Gluten Free/Wheat Free, Indian and Kosher.   (contact Cruises Etc for assistance with these)   Carnival can also pre-order gluten free beer and vodka which will be billed to your cabin account – if interested in this, please ask us.  We can also let you know the guidelines for how food allergies are addressed.


Can someone contact me while we're sailing and can I make phone calls from the ship? 

What about cell phones?

Information is listed on  www.Carnival.com  under their FAQ page.   This will tell you how a family member can reach you in the event of an emergency.  You are able to use your cabin's telephone to make long distance calls.  Please note:  both of these options can become costly and should only be used in cases of emergency or if you don't mind the expense.  We recommend using your cell phones (alert your carrier that you’ll be traveling out of the country before you leave home)  on the islands or calling collect from a pay telephone.  Depending on your cell phone company and your calling plan, you should be able to use your cell phone on the ship. Many people lose a signal soon after we depart but again, depending on your cellular company, you may be able to make/receive calls. Ships pick up a satellite signal called “Satellite At Sea”  - when you are able to utilize it, you’ll be charged accordingly (roaming fees apply)


What about computers?  Can I bring my laptop?

The ship has Internet and Wireless access available with different packages of on-line minutes. You may stay connected to family, friends, business, etc., should you need to.    WiFi service is also available in cabins; usage rates are based on the minutes used  (the more you use, the lower the per minute charge is)   Smart phones, iPads, Tables and Laptops are all usable onboard.  Carnival has a very affordable “social media” WiFi access plan that allows you to use your phone/tablet/etc for the popular social media sites. Carnival’s FUN HUB APP is available for Smart Phones & tablets. The APP is free and there’s a very modest usage fee that you pay for the entire cruise – you will be able to communicate with your friends onboard who have also downloaded the APP.   Visit this section at www.carnival.com  for more complete details.


Is there a Doctor on board? What if I get sick?

The ship has in Infirmary staffed with a doctor during normal daytime hours.  Medical emergencies outside of Infirmary hours should be brought to the attention of the Guest Relations Office any time, day or night.  Customary fees are in effect for medical services.  If you have travel insurance, most medical fees are reimbursable through your travel insurance company upon your return from the cruise.  Be certain to keep any/all paperwork, receipts, etc., for any medical treatment you receive.  If you purchased travel insurance, you should read over all the inclusions to determine what your benefit level covers and what is excluded.   In many cases, your personal  medical insurance DOES NOT cover you outside of the U.S.A.   Medical care and emergency medical assistance can be very costly.    Insurance is available thru TRAVEL INSURED INTERNATIONAL, Cruises Etc's preferred insurance provider. We have a group policy which will be ideal for most travelers; Travel Insured also offers upgraded policies for those with special medical concerns that may not be covered in the standard policy.  Travel Insurance is never a bad idea and Cruises Etc highly encourages you to discuss this with us so that you can make informed decisions.  Don't let your vacation be ruined with expensive medical bills!  Travel with peace of mind.


What shore excursions are available?

A variety of shore excursions are available on our itinerary. Carnival encourages you to reserve your selected excursions in advance at:  www.Carnival.com


What about bringing the kids?

There are plenty of activities on board for children.  A skilled staff of youth counselors head up the program and your youngsters will be in great hands.   Activities & games are organized into different age categories.  There is a whole section on www.Carnival.com regarding their youth & child programs with a sample of some of the kids' programming.  In the winter season, there may not be as many children onboard as other peak travel times but our young Super Cruisers will always find something to keep them amused!   


What is the smoking policy?    

Smoking is permitted in designated areas only. All cabins and cabin balconies are Non Smoking.  Smoking is not permitted in show lounges and any food-service areas. Smoking is permitted in the Casino and in designated areas.   Outdoor deck areas where smoking is permitted will be indicated.   Posted signs will clearly indicate both smoking and non-smoking areas. 


How is tipping handled?

Traditionally, gratuities were extended at the end of the cruise, they are now conveniently added to your cabin account while onboard the ship.  This amounts to approximately $13.99 per guest per day for all Interior, Oceanview and Balcony cabins;  $15.99 per guest per day for all Suite cabins.   If you want to give a gratuity to the maitre'd or any other staff member, you may certainly do this.  A 15% gratuity is automatically added to any beverage purchased at a bar or ordered through a waiter/waitress.   If you wish to extend gratuities in the traditional way, you need to visit the Guest Relations Desk to have auto-tipping removed from your account. Then you may hand envelopes, which will be provided to you upon request, to each individual based on your preferences.(suggested daily gratuity may be altered to keep with industry trends)


What about check-in at the pier?  What time can I arrive?  What if I'm late?

You will be provided with detailed information in your Travel Kit that we distribute in January.  Entry into the port is controlled by the Port Authority and early arrivals are discouraged.  There is not enough room to accommodate incoming passengers in the terminals when outgoing guests haven't left the facility nor the parking lots.  You can expect check in for the ships to begin approximately 11:00 – 11:30 a.m.  Unless you are arriving directly from an airport (and have no choice regarding time)  you will be asked to delay your arrival until after 11:00 a.m.   With majority of guests completing on-line pre-registration, the check in process moves along much swifter than in the past.  Upon pre-registration, Carnival will have you select a boarding time based on the available time slots indicated. 

Regarding Late Arrivals:   Here is the official policy that affects ALL CRUISE LINES:     

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (Department of Homeland Security) has issued a ruling that went into effect on February 18, 2008 which mandates that all guests embarking on a cruise from a U.S. port be checked-in and onboard their ship at least one hour prior to the ship's departure.      How does this affect YOU?      You will be provided with your guest booking number well in advance of our departure date.  You should be prepared to REGISTER ON-LINE with Carnival to be in compliance with check-in requirements.  On the day of our departure, you should plan your arrival time at the Port between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.   Our scheduled departure time is 3:30 p.m.  This should provide ample time for our travelers.   In rare cases where arrival flights may be affected by delays, the ship will consider these on a case by case scenario.   Cruises Etc is not authorized to make decisions concerning late arrivals.


If we missed a question or concern you may have, please do not hesitate to ask us!  We’re here to help and prepare you for your vacation on the Super Cruise.  Even experienced cruisers have questions from time to time….. let us know how we can assist.