Super Events

The World’s Largest Super Bowl Party at Sea

Your chance to win a share of…

Over $200,000 in Cash & Prizes

All Super Cruise Guests are qualified to be included in Cruises Etc EXCLUSIVE PRIZE opportunities.  Being booked on Super Cruise enables you to share in all of these fantastic cash and prize give-aways!

The Pool

All Super Cruise group staterooms are included in the Super Cruise Pool & Super Sunday Funday Party.

Prizes range from $1,000 to the grand prize of $30,000! Be there or be without a square.

100 Square Side-Board Pools

Once again we’ll offer $5, $10 $20 & $100 Side-Boards for additional wagering on the Super Bowl.

Expect Over $100,00 in Side-Board Winnings

Complimentary Cocktail Party & Chip Dip

At the Cruises Etc PRIVATE party, enjoy complimentary beverages PLUS the chance to share in . . .

$10,000 in CASINO CHIPS

Daily Ding-Dong Super Cruise Lottery

Each day, Super Cruisers may purchase unlimited  $5 entries for the Daily Ding Dong  Winner-Take-All  Lottery. 

Cash prizes typically exceed $2000.00 daily!!

LCR – The “Official Dice Game” of the Super Cruise.

Have you ever played LCR with 100 Players? It’s not uncommon when you play “Super LCR”

Have You Ever Witnessed a $7,500 Winner Playing LCR? Super Cruisers Have…

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